X-press-on covers, Nokia campaign website

X-press-on covers,
A short term promotional site, idea: vote for the best xpress-on cover, runs parallel with retailers campaign.

Challenge: establish a very playful approach within a big coorporate with strict guidelines.

Re-use of circular display for phone covers as "wheel of fortune", which can be spun and nugged, to choose favourite cover. (Flash)
The dynamic voting form is pre- filled in based on choice in the wheel; dynamic chart build up, again, based on choice of x-press on cover in wheel.

Tasks: Requirements collection, client consulting, concept development, interface development and paper/director prototyping, information architecture, documentation, creative brief, developer brief, liasing with 3rd party integrater (external WebDev company).

Agency: Satama

Role: Conceptual design lead

Year: 1999