Awareness campaign cell braodcasting

Innovation Centre project @ Rubus in conjunction with UCL, London:

Brief: Develop ideas and strategies how to promote cell broadcast services to various clients (retail/ telecom).

Idea: develop Cell broadcast treasure hunt over greater London. Users should in turn learn to recognise the various base station cells by the changing images on their  phones, as different base stations would transmit  Ascii style image to phone display. To give more visibility to the cell cast areas, the small screen images would be supported by billboard campaigns.

Challenge: Introduce novel use of latest mobile technology;  create cultural awareness in the UK market for extended use of mobile technology and interactions (beyond just making phone calls), and develop convincing strategy for a product with few existing market references.

Tasks: Market and technology research, expert consulting, brainstorm sessions, concept development, storyboard development, develop design brief for execution, testing and service development. 

Agency: Rubus
Role: Creative Digital Consultant
Year: 2000