About me

I am an award winning senior digital interaction consultant with longstanding international experience in designing convergent internet solutions.

I am a functional and conceptual creative that views technical constraints as potential for innovative solutions. My experience covers transactional software driven as well as large scale informational internet services, plus I have a keen interest in the mobile internet.

I follow a user centered design strategy. This means that not only do I make users needs central to my design activities, but I monitor changing user needs closely over time in terms of future trends and innovative services and products. I then tie this knowledge in with business needs and goals to produce innovative and future proof digital interactive solutions.

I am part of a new breed of academics that unites theoretical and empirical knowledge of HCI, technical and design philosophy with a commercially viable, pragmatic approach.

My Phd explored issues of cognitive and enactive perception; this knowledge is crucial for understanding how people take in information and, more importantly, how they want to take information in.  My academic work also helped me to vary and extend my research vocabulary with elements from social science, which supports user research in particular in terms of social media and the fast evolving techno- and youth cultures.